BBC Oxford Introducing

Last night, BBC Oxford’s Introducing radio show played Killing All My Friends and gave a little plug for the Jericho Tavern show on April 17th.  It will be available for replay until next Saturday at this link (you need the BBC iPlayer or the RealAudio plugin).

Thanks guys!

London Buses

Saw this on the side of a bus last week in London:


Happy Valentine’s Day – Free MP3

Today is the 6th birthday of Arousal Disasters (2003) and as a Valentine’s Day gift to you I’m offering a remixed/remastered and slightly doctored/enhanced version (from 2005) of the song The Dead Ballet in all its full 320kbps MP3 glory:

[audio: Seet – Arousal Disasters (2005) – 05 – The Dead Ballet.mp3|artists=Jonathan Seet|titles=The Dead Ballet.mp3]

Here’s a little story: in case you’re curious why Arousal Disasters is unavailable in physical CD form (aside from the used record peddler stores) only a thousand were ever manufactured.  It was in a gorgeous Digi-pak format which was designed by my friend and drummer, Rob GreenwayAporia Records agreed to manufacture them at quite a cost.  Many were sent out for promotional purposes (and probably ultimately ended up in the aforementioned used record stores), many were sold off-stage at shows and the remainder were given to Maple Nationwide, who was distributed by Universal Music in Canada.  Since nobody was really buying it in the stores due to lack of any real promotion, after about 6 months Universal eventually pulled it from the shelves and kept the remaining copies in their warehouse.  Eventually, somebody decided it was taking up unnecessary space should be removed from the warehouse .  But instead of shipping it back to Maple Nationwide and Aporia (and me), Universal Music Canada had them summarily destroyed.  In fact, Maple Nationwide had no idea until after months of pestering they figured it out and sheepishly said, “this has never happened before.”

Now, frankly, there probably weren’t that many left.  Maybe 100 or so.  However, that would have been 100 more copies out in the world than there are right now.

Flashpoint in the UK

For those of you in England or with a really good satellite provider: Flashpoint was picked up by ITV in the UK last year and has started broadcasting on ITV3 on Thursdays.

Update: also, Channel 9 in Australia. Although, they’ve decided to air them out of order based on the belief that “the first episodes are usually the weakest.”

Solo Show

What: Solo Opener Show
Where: The Bee Hive (55 Prospect Hill, Swindon, UK)
When: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 (Doors @ 8pm)