Bandcamp Bandwagon

Bandcamp has been making some good headway recently.  One of the nicest things about it is that (currently) all the proceeds go to the artist.  Plus, you can create download and discount codes as well as pay-what-you-want for the material.  They also provide non-DRM high-quality audio files in various formats all at the same price – which is great.  And you can do full previews of each song.

So, if you’re like me and iTunes or Amazon isn’t your style I’ve put most of my stuff up for you.  As always, thanks for your support.

Updated Free Music

I’ve updated the Free Music page.  There are a number of tracks that I’ve made public recently which you might enjoy…

Cover Me

I Talk To Myself

Sealed With A Kiss

Merry Ringtone

It’s been quite a year!  Moved from Oxford to London, I’ve started a job at the BBC as a webmaster, and released that EP to iTunes back in the summer.  The BBC has been diverting quite a bit of energy over the past few months so my output has flagged.  Plus, I’ll be becoming a dad in March.  Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cha…hmm…D-D-D-Distractions…

At some point I need to re-skin this site and simplify it a bit.

Anyway, if you have an iPhone here’s a holiday gift: an All Over You Ringtone.  If anybody knows how to create ringtones for other phones/formats, email them to me and I’ll try to post them.

The End Of The Beginning EP

In the tradition of double albums, triptychs and trilogies and generally just wanting to get it out there, the  The End Of The Beginning EP has been released.  A glorious 8 tracks and just over 29 minutes of music.  However, in this age of download-able media you don’t need to buy or listen to the whole thing.  Take it as you will.

It’s available now on the iTunes Music Store (click here) and will eventually be available on  Please enjoy responsibly.  The tracks can also be listened to in full on MySpace at  Watch your speakers.

Update: The EP is now live on [Sept. 19, 2009]

New Tunes On The Way

April & May has been quite a whirlwind with touring interspersed with several (fantastic) weddings.  However, I’ve also been working on a whole bundle of new songs which have collected over the past year or so…about 40-ish of varying quality and palatability.  I’ve played quite a few at Catweazle and the various shows I’ve been doing around.  Rob Greenway has been kindly doing “remote drums” on some of them and a few days ago, I enticed a few volunteers from the Jonathan Seet Music Facebook Group to engage in some listening tests on some of the more finished ones.  I hope to have these available for downloading sometime in the next few weeks after I check them on some decent monitors for myself.