Cedar Park – Way Back Home

My friend Dylan White has released a new album called Way Back Home under the name Cedar Park.  

It’s a lovely recording produced by my old acquaintance Emm Gryner and features some stellar performances by an assortment of artists like Esthero, NQ Arbuckle and James Iha.  My favourite track is All By Myself, probably because it appeals to my love of pop ballads and soaring melodies.

Indoor Voices Remix EP – one by Yours Truly

Indoor Voices has released a new remix EP of songs from the Nevers album. It’s a collection of free tunes that can be downloaded right here at http://indoorvoices.bandcamp.com/album/rmxd.

Included is a remix I did of Like Your Own. Other great contributions by James Bunton, Vyxor, Daisyland, White Flashes and Marco Polo! Get it now, cause it’s really good.

New Free Song From Brilliantfish

Brilliantfish has a new song available on his site for free this week.  It’s called “Stay” and I played guitars on it.  It sounds pretty great.


Indoor Voices Album

Jonny Relph, formerly of Junetile, has recorded and released a new album under the name Indoor Voices.  The album is called Nevers and it’s gorgeous.  He calls it shoegazer and there’s certainly echoes of Serena-Maneesh, Curve and MBV.  But there’s something more delicate, focussed and certainly less special-K about it.  Also, the sleeve art is a wonder to look at.

You can find it over on Bandcamp and the new official website is http://indoorvoices.com.

A Million Hungry Eyes Cover

Here’s a great cover of my song, A Million Hungry Eyes, performed by a’tris (a band I did a little work with a few years ago) and Tiger Darrow.


I’m not just saying it because I’m flattered, but I really like the treatment.  The old Reagan film is a perfect touch too.