Strike A Chord Not A Woman – The V-Day Men Concert

With Kevin Fox, Brian MacMillan, Jory Nash, Royal Wood & Matt York. Tickets available from

Not Dead Yet

Hi. I’ve been taking a break from doing anything actually productive and working for Bruce Mau Design for the past year. I finished up there a few weeks ago and there are things afoot.

First, thanks to everyone who keeps pestering me to do something. Second, there’s an album that’s been done for over a year now but I haven’t figured out how I want to release it. It’s working title is “Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love.”

Finally, there’s a benefit that I’ll be helping out with by playing on March 10. It’s for V-Day (Vagina Monologues) and it’s called “Strike A Chord, Not A Woman.” Tickets are available from

More uppubDates soon.


Surreal Gourmet Air Date

The episode of The Surreal Gourmet on which Jonathan appears, entitled “Isle Dream of Dinner”, will be airing on Dec. 29, 2005 at 10pm on The Food Network (cable 56). It will also repeat on Dec. 30 at 1am and Dec 31 at 9:30pm.

Watch with amusement/bemusement as Jonathan sits on a rock in a lagoon and lip-synchs to his song Smoke while a hula dancer caresses the summer breeze. Just like Elvis.

Publisher & New Mixes on MySpace

All of Arousal Disasters has been remixed and mastered. Some new songs as well as the remix of Light The Sky are now up on MySpace.

Why this flurry of activity? Well, Jonathan is now working with Michael Kreher and his Offensive Tie publishing outfit to find a new home for these songs.


with Dave McKeathron, David Celia, Michael Holt (Cover $6)