Free Track #3

Time for a slow one. This one is called Killing All My Friends:

[audio:|artists=Jonathan Seet|titles=Killing All My Friends.mp3]

Queen Bee Management Launch Party

Where: Rivoli (334 Queen St. West, Toronto)
When: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 @ 7:30pm
Other Details: Also performing: Ann Vriend

Free Track #2

“Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love” has a cover song on it – an interpretation of “I Will Wait For You” from the 1964 musical movie “Les Parapluies De Cherbourg” (directed by Jacques Demy, starring a 21-year-old Catherine Deneuve). There have been countless versions done of this song but one of the most recent pop-culture appearances of it is the Connie Francis version in the Futurama episode, Jurassic Bark (song starts at 1:06 in this clip). Anyway, you’re not getting it today. Instead, hope you enjoy Watching You Sleep:

[audio:|artists=Jonathan Seet|titles=Watching You Sleep.mp3]

Facebook, iLike & Garageband

If you’re a denizen of Facebook, you probably know about the iLike music application. Both Come On and Dirty Glass are available to add to your profile (assuming you, ya know, like them).

They’re also up on Garageband where you can watch as complete strangers write reviews on the songs. Entertaining!

Other Sources…

Thanks to BlogTO for picking it up and putting Come On in their podcast!

Also, some industrious person has posted it on a BitTorrent tracker. Grab it here.

Thanks guys!