Queen Ann’s Lace Video

Queen Ann’s Lace is a song I recorded a demo for a while back and never did anything with, as is so often the case. While trolling around the Internet Archive last week I came across a short animation film that caught my eye.

It seemed to me that it was a film perfectly suited as a music video for Queen Ann’s Lace. The song itself is slightly bizarre but pretty and the video is pretty quirky but has an edge to it. So I mashed them together and found that the contrast actually worked really well.  So I think.

The film was made by Tim Drage of Spite Your Face Productions in London, UK.  I emailed him to see if it was okay to mess with his work and he was quite gracious.  Enough blabbing: 

Free Track #4

Sometimes, the only thing that will cheer you up is the backbeat swing of a Motown tune.

Today, I this dirty little number is It’s Not Enough:

[audio:http://www.seet.ca/audio/thankstoscience/Jonathan%20Seet%20-%20Thanks%20To%20Science%2c%20Weve%20Got%20Love%20-%2005%20-%20Its%20Not%20Enough.mp3|artists=Jonathan Seet|titles=It’s Not Enough.mp3]

NXNE 2007 Photos

I’ve posted some photos that were taken at the NXNE 2007 show in June at the Now Lounge taken by my talented friends “Broken” Joe Toole and Michael Chrisman.  Also, Toronto painter, Tim Noonan, another talented friend posted these photos including a Photoshop reinterpretation of one of his shots.  Thanks guys!

Photo by Michael Chrisman

Photo by Joe Toole

Live-To-Air: “Take 5” on CIUT

I’ll be doing a live-to-air interview and performance with the band on Sept. 18 on CIUT (89.5FM in Toronto). The show starts at 8:30am and we’ll be performing songs interspersed between then and 10am. Tune in and check it out!


Update: An audio archive of the show is online at Take5.fm. Also, some photos from the session.

In Transition

Some things are going to be a funny around here for a while. There will be missing links, images and audio while stuff is being brought over. Wondershop.ca is working on a new site for submission to PromoFACT. In the meantime, the old “Arousal Disasters” themed site is still available at http://old.seet.ca There’s even a chance it will still work.