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Songwriting & Composing in the UK

Since last February, I’ve been working with some music supervisors composing music and writing songs for pitching to television (advertising and series) and film placements.¬† A few years ago, I had been working with publisher Michael Kreher of Offensive Tie in Boston on similar stuff¬† – rock, pop, orchestral, and various eclectic mashups – but […]

Flashpoint TV Series on CTV/CBS

New Flashpoint episode features the song Precious Things on CTV/CBS. The show stars Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon and Amy Jo Johnson.

National Post Review

Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love gets reviewed in the National Post.

Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW MP3s

Paul Ford listens to the entire SXSW 2008 torrent and gives a 6-word review of each song.  Amazing. Hilarious.

Free Track Round-Up

In review, here’s the free songs I’ve posted (as of Feb ’08) from “Thanks To Science…”.  More to come… Come On Watching You Sleep Killing All My Friends It’s Not Enough