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Free Track #1

Free Music from Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love – Come On.

New Album, Free Music

Hi everyone! Planning is in the works for an official CD release for “Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love” in the autumn hopefully but decided that we would make the music available for download right away. Why give away music? Just because everybody else is doing it? Well, I guess that’s one (pretty weak) reason. […]

Your Mail

Dear Jonathan, You’ve announced a brand new CD will be made available in the autumn. I’m curious: your website is frightfully outpubDated and it looks like you’re still hawking Arousal Disasters. Do you need help? Sincerely, A Web Fan Dear AWF, Yes, I’m aware that the site is still themed for AD. It takes a […]

Album Off To The Plant

Yes, it’s true: “Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love” is being sent to the manufacturing plant tomorrow. 13 songs of unbridled whatever including a cover of the song “I Will Wait For You”. The album should be available on, and probably iTunes,, etc. More details when it’s actually available. Meanwhile, feast your […]

Not Dead Yet

Hi. I’ve been taking a break from doing anything actually productive and working for Bruce Mau Design for the past year. I finished up there a few weeks ago and there are things afoot. First, thanks to everyone who keeps pestering me to do something. Second, there’s an album that’s been done for over a […]