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MySpace Profile

Along with everyone else and their proverbial dog, I’ve created a profile on at . The nice thing about it right now is that there are some clips of unreleased songs that you might not have heard before. The crappy thing is that when they transcode the files for their Flash player the […]


Opening for Frank Patrick And The Zone

New Audio Teaser Player

So, I’m testing out this new Flash MP3 player just on this front page. Just for now I’m using the audio teaser files from Arousal Disasters, but I’m thinking about using it to post new demos and other stuff I’ve been working on. If nobody complains, I’ll implement it elsewhere throughout the site. The only […]

Aporia 5th Anniversary


Surreal Gourmet Island Show

Bob, the effervescent host of The Surreal Gourmet fantasizes about being stuck on a desert island (no, not with the cast of